Did You Know?

The Conformis® Patient-Specific Advantage

  • Implants designed from a CT-Scan to match your individual size and shape
  • Implants designed for optimal coverage on both your femur and tibia
  • Patient-Specific design allows surgeon to preserve more of your natural bone
  • Patient-Specific System is a single-use and shipped in a pre-sterilized kit designed to reduce risk of contamination
  • Patient-Specific approach designed to achieve a more naturally feeling knee
  • Patient-Specific Implants are FDA cleared for both partial knee resurfacing and total knee replacement procedures

Testimonial 2

Five Star ReviewIt is has been 5 months since I had my partial knee replacement with the Comformis IUni. I am totally happy with the results. The surgery went just like Dr. Mack and his staff explained and my recovery has gone along much faster and smoother than I had ever anticipated. When I refer my friends to Dr. Mack I tell them he is just like meeting your next door neighbor. Dr. Mack and his staff are extremely professional but yet very caring.

Testimonial 1

Five Star ReviewThank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Mack, your staff, the physical therapy department, and the staff at North Cypress Medical Center. You have done everything to reassure me and assist me in my recovery. I also appreciate the fact that you acted so quickly and precisely in restoring my health. Thank you all again!

Customized Knee Replacement

Conformis™ Customized Knee Replacement

You are an individual. There’s no reason your knee implant shouldn’t be made to fit you, and only you. Conformis™ Customized Knee Implants are designed from your own CT-Scan. These patient-specific knee implants are designed to mimic your knee’s natural shape and curves, and help to achieve advantages not possible with off-the-shelf implants.

In the News


When local resident Tim Kauzlick needed a knee replacement, he did his homework, and sought out Dr. David Mack, head of the Houston Sports Clinic, for his expertise with personalized knee replacements.

In an article that ran in the Houston Chronicle on February 22, 2014, Tim’s successful experience with personalized knee implants from Conformis are explored. Follow the link below to read the story on the Houston Chronicle website.